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Win the Day Productions Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

How do you shift your perspective and choose joy after a life altering incident? Would you choose a victim or a victor mindset? What's the best way to shift your expectations and pivot when life goes a different direction? What importance does 'pause' have in our life? 

Joe Delagrave is a husband, father, elite athlete, and keynote speaker. Joe has been married to his wife, April, for 13 years and have 3 kids.

A life altering accident changed Joe’s entire life. In this podcast, Joe shares his journey from  college athlete to quadriplegic, to elite wheelchair rugby player. Joe shares how God has used his paralysis to help others find purpose after losing his identity after his accident and understanding that his identity lies in Christ first and foremost.

Over the past 13+ years, Joe has become one of the best wheelchair rugby players in the world. He is in his 12th year playing for the US Wheelchair Rugby National Team.  Leadership is a passion of Joe’s and he has been able to provide it to the team as a captain for 7 years. Joe won bronze at the London 2012 Paralympics, and was an alternate for the Rio 2016 squad that won Silver. He is currently training for the Tokyo Paralympics.

Tune in now to hear this life changing conversation as Joe gets vulnerable and authentically shares his heart and story.


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