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Win the Day Productions Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

How do you stay motivated? What role does fitness play in our life? How can we rise above the noise and build better versions of ourselves? What does it look like to live out your calling of being a person of faith? How does being a husband and father add value to your life? What does it look like to raise a special needs child?

Brandon LaRue of Well Built Humans is a man of passion and integrity. He is passionate about health and fitness but his interests have spilled over into many other areas including coaching, mentorship of young athletes and most recently an author. 

Well Built Humans is Brandon’s outlet for his passions where they can be blended  and used to help others reach their full potential. He aims to help others be ‘well built’ in their faith, as a person, partner, leader, community member. 

Brandon and his wife Jenny have 3 children: Brooks, Livia and Bradie. Their second child, Livia, was born with a mutated gene that disrupts the potassium distribution in her body leaving her with low muscle tone and delayed cognitive development.

Ever since Livia was born, Brandon noticed her ways of communicating were special and the lessons she wanted to share were plentiful and profound so he started writing about them. As he shared Livia’s lessons with others, people were moved and kept promoting Brandon to write a book…and he did.

Special Strength: Lessons from Livia is a collection of 20 different lessons that will challenge you, soften you and stir something in you to look at the world in a new way. 


Livia has taught Brandon, and soon many others, the power of surrendering the outcome and living in the moment. When you release control you are free to take the moments as they come and excuse yourself from the anticipate of anxious moments and unknown obstacles.


Through Livia’s life and a grounding faith that covers all circumstances, hope continues to fuel Brandon & Jenny’s family and perspective. Hope continues to move and inspire their gaze towards eternity.


You can purchase your copy of Brandon’s book, Special Strength: Lessons from Livia here.

To get more information on what Brandon is creating with Well Built Humans you can connect with him here.