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Win the Day Productions Podcast

May 14, 2020

There is absolutely nothing about living through grief that is enjoyable. Living in grief feels like trudging through molasses, everything feels heavy and life moves in slow motion. I’m no stranger to living through events with unknown details, constantly reshuffled plans and a what feels like a roulette of outcomes. Maybe you’ve been there before too? Nothing is familiar. It’s maddening, isn’t it? What was once a sense of security now feels like a ghost haunting you about what may never be again. The rollercoaster of emotions can feel much like a boxing match, absorbing blow after blow until you start to become unconscious to it all.

Our world is in a state of grieving right now. School, work and church are happening online, at home. Social calendars have been cleared. Jobs in jeopardy, relationships strained, finances stretched. Our routines and schedules have been stripped and nothing feels familiar. We feel the weight of it all, don’t we? It’s hard. Really, really hard. 

I’m the farthest from an expert on grief, but I have been in the ring with it when I lost my husband and became a widow at 33 years old. From the little that I know and all that I’ve done wrong, I want my mistakes to be a lesson to you. I want to encourage you as best I can in this season.

Tune in to learn the top three lessons my grief taught me.