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Win the Day Podcast

Nov 17, 2022

I always hoped I would find love again but I started to doubt if I ever would. The desire in my heart grew in the waiting but so did my loneliness and frustration. Was God hearing my prayers? How much longer would I need to wait? Was I asking for too much? Did God have a plan for me to love someone?

And then one day...

Nov 10, 2022

33 and widowed.

Something I never thought would be part of my story. I found love at a young age and skipped over the whole dating scene. I never imagined I'd be in the dating pool in my mid 30s after my husband Daryn passed away. 

I am absolutely, 100% the anti expert in dating but I hope that my experiences can...

Nov 3, 2022

I wondered if I would ever come to a resting spot. Life has been moving in warp speed but also slow motion, constant chaos and heaviness. But also so much growth and refinement. So much leaning into God and learning about the depths of me through the depth of my creator.

But then one day, ever so slowly the fog lifts....

Oct 27, 2022

A few years ago I was in one of my lowest moments. I was heartbroken and bitter and really, really angry. I felt like God had forgotten about me. I was in my quiet time and came across the question “When all I feel is darkness and everything in life feels hard, where are you?”.

I sat back, crossed my arms and...

Oct 20, 2022

Tragedy struck 5 years ago when Kristin lost her son, Will, in a fatal car accident. You can imagine the pain and ache that stuck a mother’s heart, her world never the same.

In this episode Kristin shares the gift of Will’s short, yet full, life and pain that’s been left in his absence. A heavy handed cocktail of...